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All Sports Promotions asks that you either email your mascot logo to or use the upload button to upload it directly to our graphics department
To select the FREE spirit items that you would like All Sports Promotions to obtain local sponsors for, select from the list below:
Will the school agree to mention the sponsors local business names at least one time during a regular season game?

- Your organization is granting All Sports Promotions the right to provide sponsored promotional items listed above during the terms of this agreement. If any additional items are to be amended to this agreement, ASP will be granted first right of refusal to provide additional items.

- If you have any questions in regards to this agreement, please contact All Sports Promotions at 682-503-7255.

- Screen Printed items will be printed in no more than 2 colors. All other items are printed in single color.

- By signing and submitting this agreement, you state that you have the authority to enter into an agreement with All Sports Promotions and authorize All Sports Promotions to make contact with local businesses on your behalf to obtain sponsors. You also agree to verify with potential sponsors (if necessary), that All Sports Promotions is fully permitted by the organization to obtain sponsors for this program.

- The amount of each spirit product that is sent to the prganization is absed on the amount of sponsors that we are able to obtain from local businesses.

- The amount of years that you choose to receive these items is in standard years (January through December). Depending on when we receive your signed agreement will depend on the date that this agreement shall begin.
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To sign up and receive free spirit items for your school, you can either download the agreement here or fill out the online agreement below.
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